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Plum Plaid Dress Pants






Good Condition


Altered/Tailored - please outline modifications and measurements below

Seller Notes:

There are some alterations on the waistband but they could be removed! Pictures are included. The width of the pants with the alteration is 13" wide.

These plum plaid dress pants were expertly crafted in Italy from premium Italian wool. They are slightly tapered for a classic dapper look. Complete the look with a matching blazer and/or vest.

    1. 100% Italian made wool
    2. Premium super 130s fabric
    3. Deep pockets on the front and back
    4. Front closure with tab at the end
    5. Navy buttons on the front closure and back pockets
    6. Made in Italy
    7. Inseam 29.5 inches with 2.5 inches available in the hem for additional tailoring
    8. Dry clean only

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